Thursday, May 28, 2009


Defining Expat Lit, Live on Twitter May 29
Expatriate literature may be stocked in the travel section, but does it deserve a shelf of its own? We think so! Travelers often have the luxury to avoid the very issues of assimilation and identity that dominate the expat psyche. Anastasia will guest host a live chat on the micro-blogging service Twitter to discuss the unique depths expatriate living can bring to expat lit’s combination of outsider-view-from-the-inside and journey of self-realization. All Expat Harem readers are invited to join in, and share their perspectives on this misunderstood genre: Friday, May 29th, 4-5pm EDT.

Visit for more information. The only requirement is that you have a Twitter account, then use either TweetChat or Twitter search with the term "LitChat" to see the on-going discussion.

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