Sunday, January 18, 2009

Expat Harem Editor Joins Live Discussion on Foreigners' Views of Turkey
On January 10th, Expat Harem editor Jennifer Eaton Gökmen joined three other representatives of Istanbul’s resident expat community on TV8’s live program Iste Biz Boyleyiz with Professor Dr. Haluk Sahin. Giving voice to "What foreigners think of Turkey", Jennifer and the other guests examined topics ranging from the nature of Turkish culture, how urban and rural Turkish society have changed over the past two decades, the opening of the market since 2000, to the rising influence of both westernism *and* Islamism. Other guests included Dutch photojournalist Wilco Van Herpen, star of IZ TV's travel show Wilco'nun Karavanı; Polish star of Turkish TV and film, Tatsyana Tsvikeviç; and Japanese freelance journalist Niinomi Makoto

Monday, January 05, 2009

Expat Harem Editors on Twitter
Joining the micro-blogging powerhouse Twitter, with its live stream of 140-characters or less “tweets” about the poster’s daily personal and professional life, Anastasia and Jennifer invite all friends and fans of Expat Harem to follow them.

This easy to master social networking phenomenon promises an “ambient intimacy” with the people whose tweet streams you choose to receive. Let us know you’re out there and we’ll follow you too!

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