Friday, July 27, 2007


Expat Harem's New Intern: Tunc Erdem

Photographed here with Expat Harem Co-Editor Anastasia Ashman is the newest member of our team. Please meet our industrious new intern, Tunc Erdem, who just finished his junior year at Izmir University of Economics. Studying Public Relations & Advertising, Tunc plans to run his own PR agency one day. In the true spirit of a guerrilla marketer, before he had even relocated to Istanbul for the summer, Tunc waded knee-deep into the marketing of Expat Harem's publishing, film, television, tourism and other platforms.

When he's not studying in one of his five languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, and of course Turkish), you might find him pursuing his photography, participating in marketing workshops, or even designing ad campaigns! We have our fingers crossed for Tunc and his ad campaign submission to media magnate Aydin Dogan's 19th Annual Competition for Young Communications Majors.
After celebrating his 21st birthday this weekend (happy birthday, Tunc!), one of his next assignments will be to join EH's other Co-Editor Jennifer Gokmen for the taping of her new Turkish television show, "Bir Yar Gelir Bizlere" (details below in previous post). Welcome to the team, Tunc!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gokmen to Host Turkish Television Series
Expat Harem editor Jennifer Eaton Gökmen will begin taping this month for a series on Turkey's state television station TRT International, one of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation's seven channels.
The series, Bir Yar Gelir Bizlere (a title taken from a Turkish folk song), focuses on expatriation issues of foreigners who have married into Turkish culture. The show, conducted in Turkish, is now in its second season.
Gökmen will join co-host Hakan Urgancı, presenter of 2007's Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey and host of other TRT shows. Bir Yar Gelir Bizlere can be viewed on Sundays at 17:00 Turkish time (EEST, or GMT+2) on TRT International or via TRT's website.

Monday, July 16, 2007

“Expat Harem's Editors are Alexa de Tocquevilles”

Latest praise for Expat Harem comes this time from the Middle East. Muhammad Yusuf recently reviewed the book for THE GULF TODAY newspaper, a national English-language daily based in the United Arab Emirates and popular with the country’s large expatriate population.
Referencing 19th century French political thinker Alexis de Tocqueville, Dubai-based Yusuf lauds Expat Harem’s cultural analysis: “A rip-roarer of a guide to understanding Eastern and Western social values. It is a travelogue of invaluable companion for the person who is concerned with the battle between the West and East...precious amazingly useful reverie on the relationship between the sexes... For those willing to look beyond Turkey and its foreign women expats, it also has a larger lesson. It is one of accommodation between the Eastern and Western cultures.”

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now You Can Make The “Expat Harem Martini”!
How many books do you own with their own drink named after it? Mixing your own Expat Harem Martini is a good way to spice up your book club gathering, enhance your summer soirees, or even add to an indulgent reading experience!
Sip the crisp and spicy concoction of vodka, green apple juice, lime, cucumber, and ginger beer created by international sommelier and bartender Joe McCanta (featured in July's Harper's Bazaar and FHM, August's Marie Claire).

McCanta, who is currently the cutting-edge mixologist at Saf Ecobistro & Martini Bar, debuted our organic cocktail in March and has kindly shared his delicious recipe, which you can now find on the Lifestyles page of the official Expat Harem website.

McCanta --a veteran of the East Village’s organic wine & martini bar Counter (yes, the one featured in the Sex in the City episode 76 where Sam meets Smith!)—created this literary libation after reading our locally-grown, internationally bestselling anthology. After launching the cocktail at a crowded event in Istanbul’s bohemian district, the Expat Harem Martini has now spread to some of Istanbul’s most sumptuous addresses (watch this space for more news or register for automatic updates). With Saf branches also opening in Geneva, Stockholm, London and Munich, the Expat Harem’s intoxicating effect will continue to spread!

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