Thursday, April 26, 2007


EH Contributor in America's 'Newspaper of Record'
The New York Times travel section recently highlighted the Turkic and Ottoman cooking classes of Expat Harem writer Eveline Zoutendijk, the Dutch Cordon Bleu chef and proprietress of the Sarnic Hotel in the historic Sultanahmet district.

Eveline, whose EH tale "The Painting or the Boy" recounts an art historical mystery at the hotel, tells us she will soon be writing a book about her adventures running her Istanbul establishment -- we can't wait to read it!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A New Literary Libation: Expat Harem Martini

Thursday, March 29th in the bohemian district of Istanbul, Joe McCanta, the cutting-edge mixologist at Saf Ecobistro & Martini Bar, debuted his newest organic cocktail: The Expat Harem Martini.

McCanta --a veteran of the East Village’s organic wine & martini bar
Counter—created this literary libation after reading our locally-grown, internationally bestselling anthology. Sipping the crisp and spicy concoction (vodka, cucumber, ginger beer and green apple juice) along with the collection’s editors and writers Katherine Belliel, Eveline Zoutendijk and Trici Venola were 50 literary fans from eight countries and four continents. With Saf branches opening in Geneva, Stockholm, London and Munich, it’s easy to see how the Expat Harem’s intoxicating effect will continue to spread!

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