Sunday, June 03, 2007

Editor Appears on Top Turkish Talk Show
Jennifer was in notable company Thursday, 31 May, as the only female and only foreigner on that night's panel of "Biri Bana Anlatsin", a two hour live prime time talk show/panel discussion hosted by two of Turkey's top comedians/presenters, Beyazit (Beyaz) Ozturk and Kadir Copdemir.

In addition to EH Editor Jennifer, other guests that evening included the Mayor of Beyoglu (the center of Istanbul's downtown) Ahmet Misbah Demircan, noted architect Ugur Tanyeli, night club entrepreneur İzzet Çapa, renowned writers Selim Ileri and Murat Belge, and writer/poet/journalist/tv presenter Sunay Akin.
The evening's topic was ISTANBUL, with (somewhat heated) discussions of the megacity's growing infrastructure problems, the need to preserve its cultural heritage, and reminiscence of "Old Istanbul".

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