Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spotlight on EH Contributors

Rhonda Vander Sluis
We were pleased to learn that Islamica magazine
, a glossy international quarterly aimed at broadening perspectives on Islam, featured an excerpt of Rhonda's Expat Harem story Failed Missionary in their Issue 17 (September 2006). The magazine is distributed in 20 countries, with a concentration on US, UK, and European audiences.

Claire Uhr
Another contributor, Claire Uhr, was also recently honored in February as the guest speaker at the Moreton Club, a women’s society, in Brisbane, Australia. The dinner in honor of Expat Harem included a Turkish menu for its 70 guests as well as a presentation by Claire, in which she shared tales of her Anatolian adventures. Claire tells us the crowd, many of whom had visited Turkey, embraced the theme of the book and were eager to get their hands on a copy to help them relive their fond memories of the country.

Susan Fleming Holm
As this book was compiled “virtually” via submissions to our email inboxes, we editors have yet to meet all our fantastic contributors face to face. Through our Turkey and US tours we have made personal acquaintance with quite a few of them, and were thrilled this week to finally meet Susan Fleming Holm in Istanbul. Susan, the Dorothy Donald Professor of Modern Foreign Languages at Monmouth College, is in country for a one month research visit to various cities and towns to collect stories from Turkish women and/or expatriate women who have lived in Turkey for extended periods. Her aim is to learn how and why their lives have changed over the past forty years.

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