Thursday, October 26, 2006


Editors Nominated by Daughters of Ataturk

We were honored to learn this week that Anastasia and I were both nominated for The Daughters of Ataturk "Women of Distinction Award", a title bestowed annually on selected women who have "demonstrated vision, leadership, innovation and professionalism" in"giving their talents to the International Turkish Community".

Hearing this news made Seker Bayrami holiday even more pleasant, especially when coupled with articles about EH appearing in Aksam newspaper on 21 October and in The New Anatolian newpaper's special Bayram edition that ran 23-25 October (read the interview by Irazca Geray here)!

For those unfamiliar with Seker Bayrami, it is the holiday celebrating the end of Ramazan/Ramadan and is one of the most important holidays of the year in Turkey, typically celebrated with family. In my case, that's usually a treat as it means visits to sunny, seaside Fethiye and treks to our family's village of Arpacik on a mountain plateau under Cal Dagi mountain right behind Fethiye, though this year we only got to visit with about 40 of our clan of 70 relatives!

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