Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Mystery Man Bearing Flowers and Fruit...

In our third appearance in DC, we presented the book to a crowd of 19 at Candida's World of Books, an Italian-owned shop devoted to international literature and music, located in the Logan Circle area.

We were pleased to be joined by journalists, travelers, culture hounds and artists including: Liz Gracon and Danielle Monosson, friends we met in Istanbul during their posting to the U.S. Consulate there; Kay McCarty, whose daughter has worked in Diyarbakir and Mardin, Turkey (a fan of Expat Harem, Kay bought her 9th, 10th, and 11th copies of the book at Candida's!); traveling an hour from Baltimore was Jeannette Belliveau, the author of soon-to-be-released Romance on the Road, a book documenting the controversial 'sex pilgrim' movement which Anastasia reviews (from an opposite stance) in the upcoming July/August issue of Perceptive Travel; Dawn, two-time visitor to Turkey for classes in the art of glasswork at the Cam Ocagi /Glass Furnace (inspired by EH contributor Diane Caldwell, Dawn may soon find herself relocating to Turkey); and Kirin Kalia, an editor at Migration Policy Institute, who brought the Bryn Mawr alumnae count on this tour to 10.

Most surprising guest was Mr. Sandler, a stately white-haired gentleman who, at the end of the event, wordlessly presented us with a bouquet of yellow roses and a sack of oranges!

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